Think That You're Looking after Your Car Well? Why You Should Think Again

Think That You're Looking after Your Car Well? Why You Should Think Again

Think That You're Looking after Your Car Well? Why You Should Think Again

16 November 2017
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As you've invested a considerable amount of your available resources into your form of transportation, it makes sense to maximise the value you receive from it and make sure that you don't lose too much to depreciation. You don't need anybody to tell you how important it is to keep up with maintenance schedules, and you may have an up-to-date logbook. Yet you may be missing some other tricks that could definitely prolong the life of your vehicle. What should you consider and, more importantly, implement in your car care?

Keep the Habit Going

If you look after the mechanical components of a car, it's certainly going to last a lot longer than it would otherwise. How diligent are you, however, when it comes to looking after the outside? Do you make a habit of washing the car each week, regardless of the weather?

Many people let this slide when the dry season rolls around, as they think the car doesn't look as dirty as it would if road grime were to mix with rainwater. This may be the case, but subconsciously you are far more likely to treat the vehicle more carefully if you continue your washing regimen all year long. It's amazing how little dings and scratches can build up when you're not taking a close look at the car during these dry seasons. Without a doubt, you're much more likely to get a better price for a vehicle that's under constant scrutiny.

Hiding It Away

With this in mind, consider where you are parking the vehicle when it's not in use. While it is difficult to avoid exposure to the harsh Australian climate, you should, if at all possible, keep the vehicle parked indoors or underground. If this is not possible, invest in a vehicle cover and make sure that you use it each day. Once again, these measures will make a considerable difference to the condition and appearance of your car when it comes time to sell it.

Shorter Doesn't Mean Better

You may make an effort to cut down on the annual mileage of your vehicle and feel quite pleased with yourself. You may only make relatively short trips back and forth to work or to the shops, but did you know that this can cause more damage to the engine than if you multiplied your annual mileage manifold?

During short trips, the oil never gets the opportunity to reach its proper operating temperature and may not have the ability to adequately protect the internal components. Likewise, the engine will never get a proper workout, and this can also cause degradation over time.

To fix this, you should schedule a lengthy journey every now and again; perhaps this can be a regular feature of your weekend a couple of times per month. If this is still out of the question, make sure that you change your engine oil more frequently than the manual might suggest to protect the engine.

What Else Can You Do?

Have a word with your car repair mechanic to see if you can pick up any additional tips that will help you to look after the value of your car.

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