Symptoms of Engine Damage That Should Have You Rushing To Your Mechanic

Symptoms of Engine Damage That Should Have You Rushing To Your Mechanic

Symptoms of Engine Damage That Should Have You Rushing To Your Mechanic

27 November 2017
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Despite engine damage being one of the most critical problems that your vehicle could develop, some motorists may not be aware that their car has developed this. The reason why engine damage can be easily overlooked is that some of the ways that the symptoms manifest tend to seem minor. Thus, motorists will opt to ignore the signs and choose to wait for their next service to have their vehicle checked out. The problem with this ignorance is that the problems that your engine has developed will get sufficient time to become increasingly aggravated, posing the real risk of a breakdown. Therefore, it is vital to act fast and have your vehicle inspected to prevent expensive repair costs. So what symptoms of engine damage should have you rushing to your mechanic?

Sudden onset of weird noises

Every car will have its own individual sound. It is vital for you as a motorist to know what your vehicle usually sounds like, so that you are better placed at spotting strange noises that are being emitted by the car. For instance, if you start to hear weird noises such as high pitched screeching, thumping sounds and grinding vibrations, there is a high likelihood that your engine is on the decline. You could even open the bonnet and keep an ear out for hissing noises, which would indicate a leak of some sort. Having a mechanic give your vehicle a once-over would be advisable to locate the root of the weird noises.

Noxious odours

Unless you drive an electric car, your vehicle will likely emit various undesirable emissions as it burns fossil fuels when operational. However, these smells should be restricted to the outside of your vehicle. The moment you begin to smell foul odours within the car as you drive, you should be on high alert of a potential problem with your engine. Some of the odours that should incite you to pay a visit to your mechanic include sweet syrup-like smelling odours, the smell of rotting eggs, the smell of burnt oil and even the odour of burning carpeting. These peculiar odours could be a warning sign of an array of issues that are developing in your engine.

Excessive emissions

Another sign that should give every motorist cause for concern is when they notice excessive emissions coming from their vehicle. Although the exhaust is supposed to direct smoke out of the vehicle, changes in the colour of these emissions could mean several things. For example, excessive black smoke from the exhaust could be an indicator of engine oil being burnt whenever you drive. If not addressed, your engine is at risk of overheating due to diminishing fluid. 

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