Recognizing Common Problems With a 4WD Vehicle

Recognizing Common Problems With a 4WD Vehicle

Recognizing Common Problems With a 4WD Vehicle

14 December 2017
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A 4WD vehicle can usually offer better towing and pulling capacity, and less chance of getting stuck in snow or mud. Some drivers may even experience better handling and tighter turning with a 4WD, as they're maintaining control of the vehicle with all four tyres and not just two.

While a 4WD vehicle be a great choice for many drivers, there are some common problems with these types of vehicles that you might experience; note a few of these here, along with some potential quick fixes. This can help you get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible, or tell you what you might be facing when it comes to needed repairs.

Bouncing and jarring

If you drive your 4WD vehicle on unpaved roads, this can mean lots of added wear and tear on the shocks, struts, and tie rods. These can lose tension or actually bend out of place, so you feel added jarring and bouncing when on the road, or even feel the chassis sag slightly. If you've hit something while off-roading, a shaft may have bent so that the vehicle then bounces up and down or back and forth.

A mechanic may be able to rebuild a bent shaft, or you may need new struts for the vehicle. It can also be good to consider heavy-duty shocks for a 4WD you take off-roading, to prevent future damage.

Stuck in 4WD

Most 4WD vehicles allow you to take it the vehicle of four-wheel drive and use just the standard two-wheel drive when you're in everyday traffic, so you don't put added wear and tear on the 4WD system. If your vehicle is stuck in 4WD, you may need to simply turn it off and let it sit for several minutes, and then turn it on again, as this resets the computer. Otherwise, the shifter fork, which switches the vehicle from four-wheel to two-wheel drive, may be bent and need replacing.


The transmission of a vehicle that tows a trailer or that is used for off-roading is often overused, as the transmission doesn't just put a vehicle in a particular gear, but also keeps the vehicle in that gear even when pulling against added weight, or when bogged down. If you hear a whining sound when you shift the vehicle, the gears of the transmission may be slipping. These usually need outright replacing once they start to slip, so they can hold the chains of the transmission in place even against the added weight of hauling heavy loads or when on a rough road.

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