Common 4WD Problems and Their Solutions

Common 4WD Problems and Their Solutions

Common 4WD Problems and Their Solutions

4 December 2019
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4WD vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. The cars have been in the market for a long time. However, people are slowly learning their benefits, hence their popularity. Similarly to other types of vehicles, these cars need regular 4WD service and maintenance to prevent potential problems from causing deadly hazards. Here are typical problems to look out for:

Suspension issues

Suspension issues mostly happen if you drive your 4WD car on rough terrain. The rough roads facilitate the wearing out of the chassis, thus affecting the general traction of the vehicle. Other than the rough roads, faulty shocks can also cause suspension problems. To prevent the issue, take your car for 4WD service and maintenance after every trip on a terrain road. 

Issues with the 4WD warning lights

The warning lights can experience some problems, but the main one is the occasional flashing on and off after start-up. If the light has a problem, you will get a service system message. The messages do not mean that you should conduct your regular 4WD service; rather, it shows that your 4WD system has issues that should be repaired. Seek the help of a professional whenever you experience a problem. 

Chassis problems

Chassis develop issues after much exposure to moisture and other climatic conditions. The temperature changes facilitate the formation of rusts and other damages. Always inspect your chassis every week to ensure that it is in perfect condition. Also, look for a reputable 4WD service and maintenance provider to observe the state of the chassis on a routine basis. 

Strange noises

Any strange noise coming from your 4WD car should be taken as a warning sign. A whining sound coming from the bonnet means that there is a loose belt causing overheating problems. If the exhaust sounds louder than normal, the exhaust could have a crack or a hole. You can quickly repair the crack, but you should only do it under the supervision of an expert. An uneven engine noise most often happens when the car is idling, and it means that the engine has misfiring issues. If smoke accompanies the sound, take the vehicle for 4WD service and repair to identify and solve the problem.

A 4WD vehicle can serve you for an extended period if you take proper care of it. Look for a 4WD service and repair mechanic to check your car every time it shows any problems.

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