3 Essential Tips for Working Safely with Hydraulic Automotive Lifts

1 March 2018
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If you are thinking about setting up an auto workstation in your garage, you should install a hydraulic automotive lift. This piece of equipment is invaluable for any mechanic because it ensures convenience and safety during vehicle maintenance and repair tasks. In simple terms, a lift will ensure that the truck or car is raised and stabilised for efficient access to components which are otherwise difficult to reach. In addition, the hydraulic equipment will ensure even distribution of the automobile's weight, preventing shifting and subsequent accidents.
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Cylinder Head Reconditioning — Signs Your Vehicle Needs It

2 February 2018
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Motorists may not be perceptive about the inner machinations of their vehicle, so they may not be aware of what is causing their car to malfunction. One component that is typically overlooked but that plays a critical role in keeping your vehicle operational is the cylinder heads. These components function to prevent any gases or liquids from leaking into the engine. When driving, coolant will engulf the engine to ensure that your car's temperature does not spike.
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What You Need to Know to Avoid Paying More for Your Car Hire Out of Pocket

9 January 2018
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There are a lot of reasons to consider hiring a car. You can rent a car: if you don't own one but need to use one; so you can continue travelling by car while your personal car is being repaired; to avoid the need to transport your car while you're travelling abroad; so you can have a car to use while you're away on vacation; and the list goes on and on.
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Recognizing Common Problems With a 4WD Vehicle

14 December 2017
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A 4WD vehicle can usually offer better towing and pulling capacity, and less chance of getting stuck in snow or mud. Some drivers may even experience better handling and tighter turning with a 4WD, as they're maintaining control of the vehicle with all four tyres and not just two. While a 4WD vehicle be a great choice for many drivers, there are some common problems with these types of vehicles that you might experience; note a few of these here, along with some potential quick fixes.
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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Brakes Functioning Well Longer

5 December 2017
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Keeping the brakes on a car in good working shape is without a doubt a top-of-mind priority for any car owner. Well-functioning brakes help achieve maximum handling of the vehicle, but also ensure optimal safety on the road. Here are a number of useful tips you should follow to keep your car braking system working reliably for longer. Flush your brake fluid periodically. Brake fluid flushing involves draining all the brake fluid out of the master cylinder and replacing it with fresh, clean fluid.
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