A Few Tips for Choosing Quality Truck Parts

A Few Tips for Choosing Quality Truck Parts

A Few Tips for Choosing Quality Truck Parts

27 November 2017
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When making your own truck repairs, you should always invest in quality parts, as using parts that are not high-quality can mean having to make the same repair again, once that new part wears out. Low-quality parts can also lead to other parts wearing out or breaking down earlier than they should.

Since all truck parts may look alike to you, and of course all brands will say that their part is high-quality, durable, and meant to last, how do you choose the best ones for your truck? Note a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Brake pads and rotors

Brake pads were once made with a mixture of asbestos fibres, and these easily absorbed the heat and friction created when you apply the brakes. However, because of health concerns, pads today are usually either ceramic or metallic, and without any asbestos added to the mixture. Ceramic brakes are often made with organic parts, including glass and rubber. These often create quieter braking and are less prone to squealing or grinding. Metal brake pads are more heat-resistant, making them a better choice for heavier trucks, as larger vehicles need more braking power that they create more heat.

Belts and hoses

When choosing belts and hoses, always choosing brand-specific, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This is because of brand-specific parts, meaning those meant for a certain make of truck, in particular, will be made to exacting standards, to fit your truck brand precisely. Belts and hoses that are too wide or too narrow may not fit connecting parts as they should, allowing for gaps or additional friction, or for fluid leaks. Original equipment manufacturer parts are also typically made with high-quality materials that last longer than off-brand, generic parts, which might be made with thinner or more brittle rubber that might not last as long as name-brand parts.


Your truck's suspension may be more important than you realize, as the shocks and springs of the suspension don't just cushion you while you're in the truck cab; they absorb the movement and weight of the truck when you accelerate and brake, alleviating some pressure that would otherwise affect the axle, tie rods, brakes, and other such parts. Opt for stainless steel parts for the suspension, and consider lifting the truck with a longer set of springs when they need to be replaced. This means even more shock absorption and a quieter ride, as those larger springs will absorb more of the truck's movement while it's on the road, so you hear less road noise in the truck cab. 

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