Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Brakes Functioning Well Longer

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Brakes Functioning Well Longer

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Brakes Functioning Well Longer

5 December 2017
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Keeping the brakes on a car in good working shape is without a doubt a top-of-mind priority for any car owner. Well-functioning brakes help achieve maximum handling of the vehicle, but also ensure optimal safety on the road. Here are a number of useful tips you should follow to keep your car braking system working reliably for longer.

Flush your brake fluid periodically.

Brake fluid flushing involves draining all the brake fluid out of the master cylinder and replacing it with fresh, clean fluid. Flushing brake fluid is necessary because the fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that it will start absorbing water over time, thus rendering it less effective at its job of keeping braking components well-lubricated. Therefore, you should keep your brakes working efficiently by flushing brake fluid periodically as recommended by your car manufacturer or trusted mechanic. Flushing your brake fluid as required also helps to prevent internal corrosion of brake parts, which may occur when metal components are exposed to water for an extended period.

Avoid overloading your car.

Overloading your car with items can be detrimental to your brakes. This is because the vehicle cannot safely hold extra weight and this will put unnecessary strain on your brakes. When this happens, your car will be susceptible to brake failure. Therefore, be sure to operate your car within the appropriate payload. Payload is the amount of cargo or passengers that a vehicle can safely carry.

Avoid aggressive-style driving.

It's a no-brainer — over-speeding is dangerous — but it is also harmful to your brakes. Driving at very high speeds subjects the brakes to a lot of strain, especially because it usually leads to last minute braking. This leads to premature wear and tear of brake components, thus calling for frequent brake repairs. If you want your brakes to function reliably for a longer period, always maintain the recommended car speeds. This will allows you enough time to slow and stop the vehicle smoothly.

In addition to the above tips, it is important to have your braking system inspected at the auto service shop on a regular basis. The mechanics at the shop will perform a thorough inspection of your brakes and let you know if there's anything that need repair or replacement. This way, you can get extended service from your brakes. With well-functioning brakes, you'll be able to keep yourself, your passengers and other motorists safer on the road.

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