Cylinder Head Reconditioning — Signs Your Vehicle Needs It

Cylinder Head Reconditioning — Signs Your Vehicle Needs It

Cylinder Head Reconditioning — Signs Your Vehicle Needs It

2 February 2018
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Motorists may not be perceptive about the inner machinations of their vehicle, so they may not be aware of what is causing their car to malfunction. One component that is typically overlooked but that plays a critical role in keeping your vehicle operational is the cylinder heads. These components function to prevent any gases or liquids from leaking into the engine. When driving, coolant will engulf the engine to ensure that your car's temperature does not spike. However, when your cylinder heads are compromised, coolant as well as oil will steadily leak into the engine and wreak havoc to your vehicle. Here are some signs you should be watchful for that are indicative of the imminent need for cylinder head reconditioning.

Sudden overheating of your vehicle

Overheating is one of the most common symptoms of many car problems. Thus, it is unsurprising that some motorists will just pull over and pour some water on their engine in an attempt to cool it down and continue with their driving. This approach is not advisable if your cylinder heads are damaged. When your cylinder heads are not working as they should, gases from the exhaust system coupled with coolant fluid will start to seep into the engine and subsequently be burned off as steam. Pouring water over this will not only make the problem worse but could be dangerous to you too! The moment you begin to notice steam rising from your bonnet, it is best to stop driving your vehicle and have a mechanic determine the cause plus whether cylinder head reconditioning would improve your vehicle's performance.

Considerable power decline from your engine

As your vehicle's cylinder heads gradually decline, they steadily lose their ability to compress any gases or fluids, so they begin to let both fuel and air escape as you drive. This lack of compression translates into rough starts and running of your engine. If not addressed, your engine will lose its power over time. The malfunction of the cylinder heads coupled with the loss of engine power dramatically increases your risk of experiencing a breakdown at the most inopportune time. Some motorists may confuse this problem with an exhaust leak, as the vehicle will start to emit some weird noises. It is critical for you to have a mechanic give your cylinder heads a once-over to ensure that the lifespan of your engine does not deteriorate further. 

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