Commercial Fleet: Essential Tips for Reducing Operational Costs

Commercial Fleet: Essential Tips for Reducing Operational Costs

Commercial Fleet: Essential Tips for Reducing Operational Costs

30 May 2018
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Operating a fleet of commercial trucks can be expensive. The most significant costs associated with this type of business include the repair of the vehicles after breakdown. The total fuel consumption canalso be quite high, especially if the economic conditions and seasons are not favourable. Fortunately, you can control your fleet's expenses through diligent upkeep of the vehicles and practicing caution and prudence. Here are some practical tips to help you in reducing your fleet's operational expenses. 

Conduct Preventive Maintenance

You should create a maintenance program for your fleet to prevent unexpected breakdowns. If your vehicle fails during a commercial trip, the costs of repair will be high, and there will be significant downtime. You should have a strict schedule for servicing the primary components of the trucks, including the engine, transmission, brakes, axles and the suspension system. These elements are the most critical for safety, performance and general functionality of the truck. Therefore, you cannot afford to postpone their maintenance. Also, you should have a continual care program for other components such as the lighting, electrical systems and air conditioners. If possible, you should engage one truck fleet maintenance company to service your fleet for efficient record keeping and accountability.

Minimise the Cost of Tyre Replacement

You should maximise the service life of your fleet's tyres. The cost of tyre purchase makes up a significant chunk of the budget for truck fleet maintenance. Tyre trucks, unlike the standard alternatives, have to withstand stress from hauling heavy loads. Also, they are driven for extended periods of time in hostile conditions. Therefore, they tend to wear out fast, and the cost of replacing them can be high. However, if you protect these elements, you can minimise the rate of wear and enjoy reduced costs. Ideally, you should check the tyre pressure constantly to ensure that the inflation pressure is at the recommended level. Also, balance the tyres. Additionally, you should align the tyres to prevent uneven wear.

Plan for Fuel Use Reduction

You should think about cutting your total expenses on fuel. The greatest expenditure for running commercial fleets is fuel. If you review your current operational strategy, you might find some effective methods for reducing fuel consumption. For example, you can cut your travel mileage by avoiding poor route planning and minimising light load trips. You can also increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicles by keeping the engines in good condition and leveraging new technologies like computerised fuel injection aimed at reducing fuel consumption in automobiles.

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