3 Auto Transmission Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

3 Auto Transmission Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

3 Auto Transmission Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

17 November 2020
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You should ensure that your car is always in good shape while on the road for your safety and others. For instance, you should inspect the transmission of your vehicle before starting any journey, especially if you're starting on a long-distance trip. Driving a car with a faulty transmission puts your life and others on the road at risk because the vehicle can just stall abruptly in the middle of the road, leading to an accident. To avoid such problems, look out for the signs below that indicate you have transmission problems, and you should look for an auto service to fix it. 

1. Difficulty When Engaging Gears

You're not advised to start on a road trip before you have checked your vehicle's gear and ensure that it's working as it should. If you have problems engaging your car into gear, then you should not risk driving it in that condition. Instead, you should shift the gear to neutral and call in a professional auto repair mechanic to fix it. 

When you hire an auto mechanic, they will examine the transmission to tell whether the problem results from a leak or shifter cable problem. After determining the cause of the problem, your auto mechanic will tow your car to an auto shop where they will repair or replace the faulty parts. 

2. Strange Sounds When Changing Gears

If you've driven your vehicle for several years, you are most likely familiar with the sound it makes when changing gears. So, it will be easy to note when it makes a different sound as the gears interchange. 

Suppose you hear a grinding, buzzing or strange vibration coming from your engine when changing gears. In that case, your car has a serious mechanical problem that only a certified professional technician can handle. It would help if you stopped at an auto repairs shop for professional automatic transmission repairs. 

3. Oil Leakages

Any vehicle leakage signifies a severe mechanical problem. When you notice any leakage on the ground after parking your car, you should hire a professional auto mechanic to figure out the cause of the problem. 

The auto mechanic will examine the leaking fluid's colour to determine whether it's from the transmission or any other part. If it's from the transmission, they will repair it to stop the leaks. Furthermore, they will add more transmission fluid before you start driving your car again. 

If your car has a transmission problem, it might stall even in the middle of the road. Only an experienced auto mechanic has the expertise and tools to repair all transmission problems. Hiring one today will help restore your car to its previous working condition. 

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