Auto Transmission Repair: Signs You Must Never Ignore

Auto Transmission Repair: Signs You Must Never Ignore

Auto Transmission Repair: Signs You Must Never Ignore

13 May 2021
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Gone are the days when car ownership was a luxury. Today, an automobile is a must-have for many people due to the convenience it offers. However, wear and tear can take a toll on your vehicle over time, which isn't surprising since it is a machine like any other. The transmission system is among the key components that wear down with time. For that reason, it is essential to have it examined whenever it develops a problem. Below are some of the signs that it's time to see an auto transmission repair professional.

Shaking During Gear Shifts

Cars are designed to offer a smooth ride even as the gears shift. Therefore, you should be concerned if your vehicle tends to jerk each time the gears change. Most times, this sign suggests that the car is running low on transmission fluid. The shaking can also result from worn-out clutches or faulty gear synchronizing components.

Burning Fluid Smell

Transmission fluid produces an acrid odour when exposed to exceedingly high temperatures. Therefore, if you can detect a smell similar to burning rubber, the fluid is most likely leaking and getting burned after contacting hot engine parts. It's also possible that the transmission fluid is dirty, meaning that it needs to be replaced. Failure to do so can damage other engine components, leading to costly repairs.

Some of the issues that cause transmission fluid leakage include loose drain plugs, faulty gaskets, and defective torque converters. Remember that refilling the transmission fluid is only a temporary solution. The best thing to do is have a professional auto transmission repair expert fix the leak.

Odd Sounds When in Neutral Gear

Engaging the neutral gear is among the best ways to detect transmission issues. If you hear weird sounds like groaning and whining after doing so, there might be an underlying transmission problem. Such noises indicate worn-out gear teeth or bearings, and it's prudent to have the issue addressed before it worsens.

Gear Slips

Ideally, your car should remain in the set gear until you decide to change it. If your automobile keeps disengaging gears on its own, it can only mean that the transmission system has a problem. The same applies if the vehicle responds sluggishly no matter how hard you step on the accelerator pedal. Gear slips are bound to happen once transmission bands wear out. A reputable auto transmission repair expert should help you diagnose the underlying problem.

As the word suggests, the transmission system is what keeps your vehicle going. To that end, ensure that you visit a trusted auto transmission repair service provider when you notice any of the above issues.

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