Why You Might Want to Book Car Services More Frequently

Why You Might Want to Book Car Services More Frequently

Why You Might Want to Book Car Services More Frequently

20 October 2021
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Car servicing might not be your favourite task that you have to undertake, but it allows you to keep driving your vehicles as smoothly as possible. While many new cars have regulated guidelines for how often they need to go through car servicing, and older cars must have at least one servicing a year, this might not be the best possible amount for your vehicle. These are, after all, general rules of thumb and guidelines that don't take into account every single niche. Here are a few reasons why you might want to have more regular car servicing visits.

Diesel Vehicles

Diesel engines are a little bit different to other cars and therefore should be treated that way. While diesel allows for great fuel economy when out on the open road, it is certainly a more noxious substance that can have side effects on your car. Of course, with proper checks and balances, they are perfectly safe and a great way to save quite a bit of money in the long haul. Just know that you may want to increase the frequency of your car servicing if you are finding your diesel car more troublesome than you expected.

Outback Driving

While many servicing suggestions indicate you should get your car serviced every 10,000 kilometres, that does not take into account the type of kilometres you are covering. If, for example, you drive across the country regularly and encounter weather events of all shapes and sizes then your 10,000 kilometres will be a lot rougher than someone living in the city. While you might technically still fall within those ten thousand kilometres, your car will be as beat up as if it had spent 100,000 driving on nice, sealed roads that are regularly maintained.

Electric Vehicles

While electric vehicles have many benefits and are often thought of as far less prone to wear and tear (due to the lack of a combustion engine) that is not the case, the wear and tear level is just less known. In addition, to fine-tuning your electrical components, car servicing for electric vehicles will also allow you to make sure your external applications are in good working order, such as your tires, windows and so on. Don't assume that your electric vehicles are invincible because you don't use them that much or due to the brand new technology or this will end up costing you a lot of cash.

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