Considerations When Hiring A Mobile Mechanic

Considerations When Hiring A Mobile Mechanic

Considerations When Hiring A Mobile Mechanic

11 May 2022
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Mobile mechanics are professionals who bring their service to you when your vehicle breaks down at home or by the roadside. The professionals offer convenience since you do not have to tow your car to a garage. Below is an extract detailing what to consider when hiring a mobile mechanic

Assess their Expertise

Does the mechanic have the skills and equipment needed to repair your vehicle? Check online reviews to establish the mechanic's specialisation and success rate. Remember, some mechanics deal with specific car models while others specialise in particular car problems. Examine the mechanic's accreditations. For example, manufacturer accreditation allows the mechanic to conduct logbook maintenance and ensures access to high-quality OEM parts. 

Availability of Emergency Services  

Your car could break down at night or in the middle of nowhere. Alternatively, your kid could lock the car keys inside your car. Such situations call for a mobile mechanic who offers emergency services. However, it would be wise to examine the efficacy of the emergency car repair service. For instance, how long does the mechanic take to arrive? Is the mechanic available at night, during holidays and weekends? Does the mechanic have safety equipment such as cones and emergency lighting to prevent accidents as they offer roadside repairs? Finally, ensure that the mechanic has an operating licence. 

Check their Terms of Service  

Ask the mobile mechanic these questions:

  • What is your operating area? A mobile mechanic based in your locality will respond promptly.
  • Do you have insurance coverage? If an accident occurs as the mechanic works on your vehicle, you would not want to be held liable for injuries.
  • Do the repairs have a guarantee? It prevents you from spending cash on a recurrent issue.
  • Besides car repairs, what other services do you offer? For example, you might want your vehicle towed to your home. 


Your next task is to evaluate the mechanic's pricing. Typically, most mobile mechanics will have standard prices for common car issues such as repairing flat tires, damaged cooling systems, brakes, or fuel lines. However, if your vehicle has chronic problems, the professional will charge extra for diagnosis. Given that the mechanic will be working away from their garage, they could also impose a transport fee. The secret is to ensure that your preferred mechanic does not have hidden charges. This way, you are sure about the repair costs once you engage their services. 

When hiring a mobile mechanic, assess their expertise, the availability of emergency services, terms of service, and pricing. 

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