Why You Need to Cool Down Your Vehicle's Transmission

Why You Need to Cool Down Your Vehicle's Transmission

Why You Need to Cool Down Your Vehicle's Transmission

19 January 2023
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Do you tow a caravan or boat trailer frequently? Do you live in a mountainous area where you may often need to put your vehicle under strain as you deal with the undulating terrain? In either of these cases, you may need to take some additional steps to ensure that your vehicle lasts as long as possible and is not prone to unwanted failure. In particular, you may need to add a cooling device to keep temperatures in check accordingly. So what do you need to think about, and how should you look after it once it's been fitted?

The Need for Additional Help

While a traditional car or truck is fitted with a comprehensive cooling system to help keep the engine within normal operating temperatures, it may not have such a system in place to help regulate the transmission. And if you put your vehicle through its paces, the transmission can certainly overheat. As it does so, the lubricant will become less effective, and over time, this could lead to degradation, higher repair bills, or premature failure.

How to Fit a Transmission Cooling Device

The good news is that you can fit a transmission cooling device as an aftermarket accessory. It's like a miniature radiator that you will mount at the front of the vehicle, usually next to the primary radiator. It will need to be plumbed into the system near the transmission oil pump. Flexible hoses will then carry the lubricant from the transmission and through the cooler where the excess heat will be removed and transferred to the surrounding air.

Once the lubricant gets back to the transmission itself, it will be in much better condition and primed to work as it should. It'll be able to hold those temperatures down and do its primary job, lubricating crucial gears, bearings and clutches every day.

How to Service the Cooler

Once you've employed a mechanic to fit your new transmission cooler, ensure that you look after it when it's time for a service visit. When the technician removes the oil, they should also flush through the cooler to get rid of any debris that may have accumulated with time. Remember, the cooling radiator is made up of narrow tubes and fins to help get rid of any heat. Unfortunately, due to the inherent design, they can sometimes trap tiny particles, and you need to ensure that you remove them during each service.

So never overlook a crucial service visit and always look after your transmission cooler. Reach out to a car servicing company near you to learn more.

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