How to Engage a Special Product to Look after Your Vehicle's Transmission

How to Engage a Special Product to Look after Your Vehicle's Transmission

How to Engage a Special Product to Look after Your Vehicle's Transmission

10 November 2017
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Whenever you buy a new car, you will want to get as much value for money as possible out of your new purchase. You may take great care of the interior and clean the outside every week, but you also need to invest some resources to look after the internal, mechanical components. In particular, you need to focus on the engine and transmission, because these go through a lot of stress and are very complicated elements. How can you take steps to make sure that your vehicle's automatic transmission lasts as long as possible, apart from regular maintenance?

Getting a Special Product

You may be aware that you should change your engine oil periodically, but did you know that you should do the same with your transmission fluid, as well? This will ensure that you get rid of foreign particles that would build up through typical wear and tear and lubricate the internal parts as efficiently as possible. However, you can go even further by adding what is known as a "friction modifier" when you do this. These are also highly engineered products that are not as widely available, but can be ordered especially through your auto-parts store.

How It All Works

The modifier has a specific job to perform, which is to protect the bearings and gear meshes within the transmission from friction. While it does that job, it has a very different role to perform as well by increasing the friction between the steel composite and torque converter clutches. This, in turn, will help to avoid damage to the friction plate whenever the vehicle shifts through the gears.

All of this is designed to create maximum efficiency within the system, by providing the appropriate level of friction in different parts of the transmission set up. When the clutches within the gearbox are spinning, the friction modifier is working overtime, but when they are stationary the level of friction is modified accordingly.

Delicate Work

In essence, the product will add a layer of film to the surface of each component and will work in tandem with the transmission fluid and the various protective elements within that product. It also has to work with rust inhibitors that are designed to work at particularly low temperatures (such as when the vehicle is stopped at a traffic light). All in all, these specialised products have a delicate job to perform if they are to help maintain your car's transmission for as long as possible.

What's Right for You?

Have a word with your auto-parts store and transmission specialist if necessary, to determine what type of friction modifier is recommended for your model of vehicle.

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