3 Essential Tips for Working Safely with Hydraulic Automotive Lifts

3 Essential Tips for Working Safely with Hydraulic Automotive Lifts

3 Essential Tips for Working Safely with Hydraulic Automotive Lifts

1 March 2018
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If you are thinking about setting up an auto workstation in your garage, you should install a hydraulic automotive lift. This piece of equipment is invaluable for any mechanic because it ensures convenience and safety during vehicle maintenance and repair tasks. In simple terms, a lift will ensure that the truck or car is raised and stabilised for efficient access to components which are otherwise difficult to reach. In addition, the hydraulic equipment will ensure even distribution of the automobile's weight, preventing shifting and subsequent accidents. Like other machines, this auto lift should be used with care to ensure personal safety. Therefore, if you decide to install the hydraulic lift in your space, you should consider using these simple tips for optimal safety.

Choose the Correct Equipment

There are numerous brands and models of hydraulic automotive lifts on the market. Your choice will determine the performance of your setup as well as the safety of the users. There is no universally perfect machine for every garage. The right decision will depend on the vehicles you intend to handle, the size of your space, your budget and preferences. The most critical issue that you should consider during purchase is the certification. The lift should have undergone rigorous safety testing and gained approval for appropriate accreditation. 

Know and Follow the Ratings

You should check the weight-bearing capacity of your hydraulic lift before purchase and use. You should not assume the capabilities of the equipment because the unit looks strong. You should understand the maximum load capacity approved by the manufacturer, and you must never exceed the indicated figure. Usually, weight limitations are included on the manufacturer's nameplate. You should note that overloading the lift can result in an accident because the support might crumble under stress. Moreover, the equipment will deteriorate very fast even if the overloading does not cause an accident. 

Perform Regular Inspections

Finally, you should perform inspections of the equipment and the workspace before using the automotive lift for repairs and maintenance. Checking the components of the lift is quite simple. You will only need to examine the setup for anomalies. You should look for looseness in the parts, fluid leaks, rusting and unusual noises. If you notice strange issues, you should hire a hydraulic equipment technician for troubleshooting and repair. You should also make sure that the workspace is ready for the use of the automotive lift. For instance, you should clear the floors, check the ceiling clearance and limit movement before beginning your work.  

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