Maintaining a Diesel Engine: 3 Top Tips

Maintaining a Diesel Engine: 3 Top Tips

Maintaining a Diesel Engine: 3 Top Tips

28 September 2018
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If your car or truck is fitted with a diesel engine, you will no doubt want to ensure that it is kept in top condition. If you do not take steps to keep your engine in a good condition, you could soon find that your vehicle underperforms or, worse still, breaks down at the side of the road. If this occurs, engine repairs or replacement can be very expensive. Below is a guide to 3 things you can do to make sure your diesel engine performs at its very best.

Tune the fuel injector

A mechanic can also carry out a full engine tune. This will involve inspecting and adjusting the fuel injector so it adds a jet of fuel at the correct time. A mistuned engine will result in either too much or too little diesel fuel being injected when you press your foot on the gas. This could result in the engine running rough because too much fuel is available when the vehicle is idle or not enough being added when you attempt to accelerate. Unless you are highly knowledgeable, it is typically best to leave tuning the fuel injector to a professional mechanic.

Inspect the timing belt

Your engine has a timing belt which ensures that the pistons inside the combustion chambers move in a synchronised way. However, if the timing belt slips, the pistons may begin to move out of time with each other. When this occurs the ratio of air and diesel in the chamber may change, leading to the engine stalling. A mechanic will be able to inspect and adjust the timing belt to ensure that pistons in your diesel engine are perfectly in sync.

Check that the air intake is clear

The air intake on your car or truck is designed to transport cold air into the engine. When cold air enters the engine, the engine will then have to work even harder to maintain the average air temp. This increased combustion will improve the performance of your engine. The cool air will also help to cool down the moving parts of the engine, preventing overheating. However, with use, the air intake on the front of your vehicle may become blocked with leaves or other debris which can prevent cold air from reaching the engine. You should periodically check and clean the air intake to prevent your engine from becoming too hot.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a diesel mechanic today.

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