The Basics of a Full Car Servicing: What You Should Know

The Basics of a Full Car Servicing: What You Should Know

The Basics of a Full Car Servicing: What You Should Know

30 June 2020
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Regular car servicing will ensure that your car is in great condition, with benefits not limited to ensuring your safety, boosting the resale value and helping you achieve great fuel economy. There are three types of car services, each as important as the next one.

Read more to find out the specifics of one type of car servicing, often referred to as a "major," "master" or "full" car service.

What It Covers

This is the most comprehensive car servicing package of all. It covers everything from engine oil change, fuel filter and spark plugs change, testing and repair of all electrical components, to checking the radiator and coolant hose. You can also expect the mechanic to carry out an extensive inspection of your braking system, your wheel bearings and your shock absorbers

Mechanics will often refer to the manufacturer's manual when deciding on the scope of your master car servicing. For highly trained and experienced auto mechanics, carrying out each of these tasks should be pretty straightforward.

It is also worth noting that there may be some variations in the tasks included in the package from one auto service shop to the next. You can always ask for a breakdown of the services offered. Professionals will be more than glad to walk you through the included tasks and how the service costs all add up.

How Frequently

You will need the other types of car servicing, namely basic/minor and interim/intermediate servicing more frequently than a master servicing. There are factors that will inform the final decision, such as your driving habits and the terrain you normally drive on. You may also need to consider the mileage covered since your last full service when scheduling your next one.

Another crucial element that will determine how frequently you need to get a full car servicing is the type and model of your car. It is for this reason that, again, mechanics will make a recommendation that is informed by your manufacturer's manual.

Always Get the Right People

Lastly, and quite importantly, you must ensure that you are working with seasoned experts. If you want your major car servicing done right, then it only makes sense that you should entrust the right people with the job. As always, ensure that you do your homework when looking for a professional and reliable auto service shop or garage.

For more information, contact a car service shop.

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