Did You Know That You Need to Service Your Car's Power Steering?

Did You Know That You Need to Service Your Car's Power Steering?

Did You Know That You Need to Service Your Car's Power Steering?

28 February 2022
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As a car or truck owner, you already know that you need to take your vehicle in for a service as recommended by the manufacturer to enjoy longer and uninterrupted motoring. Yet, while you must always pay attention to oils, filters and brakes, did you know that you should give the power steering system on your vehicle service as well? What do you need to know about this requirement?

How the System Works

Many people forget about the power steering system, but you would find it very difficult to move your vehicle in a confined space without it. This system comprises several different parts, including a pump, fluid reservoir, and hoses, all of which help the rack and pinion steering gear move back and forth as needed.

Hoses and Connections

For all of this to work, the fluid has to be pressurised and forced through the hoses to support the steering gear. These hoses need to be flexible, and even though they are made from very stout materials, they're vulnerable to damage and can degrade over time. If they do so, they may puncture, and the pressurised fluid within can easily leak out. This can lead to pump failure and eventual loss of control if it does so.

When you take your vehicle in for a close inspection, the technician will check over every hose and replace it if they see a sign of degradation. They'll also check the connections to ensure they are still in good working order and doing their job.

Dirty Fluid

During a power steering system service, the mechanic will also have a close look at the steering fluid. They may need to top it up, but they may need to change it altogether if it appears dirty. The system is also equipped with a filter which is supposed to catch any sedimentation and ensure that the fluid can flow at optimal performance.

System Flush

If a mechanic discovers "dirty" fluid, they will probably perform a full system flush. This requires a special machine that'll remove all of the old fluid and clean any residue that may be left. Once this task is complete, they will add new fluid and ensure that all hoses and connections are perfect.

Scheduling a Check

If it's been some time since you scheduled a full service, do that as soon as possible. Ask the service coordinator to include a power steering check so you don't run into any problems in the future.

If you have a luxury car, look for a company that services your specific vehicle, such as BMW servicing.   

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